Hello Kiran,
Thanks again for all the efforts on my application , sending you the best regards from my parents and self :)
A brief testimony from my end :)

It all began in Nov 2017 when i decided its the right time for me to take a big step in my life i.e. enroll for a masters degree. With so many popular study abroad destinations and dozens of courses to choose from i knew this transition was not going to be easy. With a bit of research on the global trends in education i decided Australia is where i would like to go. With this decision i started attending study abroad fairs by IDP and went to visit various consultants in Pune and Delhi. Here i was told by many that based on my profile it would be difficult for me to get into a good college and probably i should apply to average universities, this thought left me dazed and confused. This was the time when i was introduced to Imperial Overseas by a friend who was already doing his application for MS in US from them.

The counsellors who were assigned my case were well aware about the education situation in the Australia and guided me that i could still get into the top universities just by working with a positive attitude and the correct approach. The tailored made SOP and the work GTE was successful in a way that i got into the the top university in Australia (Monash) and was allotted student visa within 24 hours of applying.

Hats of to Kiran and the team especially Manvi, Nisha and Ujjwala for their great work on my application, for they always went an extra mile to ensure that the whole process goes without any hassle. Thank you so much. I would recommend the aspiring study abroad students to come meet the counsellor and discuss about their aspirations.


Thank you for all the efforts and support and for making my dream come true! It would have not been possible without Imperial!

Kushal Doshi
MS in Mechanical
Carnegie Mellon University


A big thank you to all of you!! I must say that all of you have been very kind and helpful. Right from application to document preparation to the scary visa process.

Shilpa Nayak
Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Loma Linda University


Joining Imperial happens to be one of the best decisions of my life! The counseling sessions never seemed like a burden. Cheers to these counselors who became family!

Laveena Dulani
MS in Telecommunications
University of Maryland, College Park


Imperial has been a great help right from deciding colleges, to filling applications, deciding between admits and finally the visa process! Thanks a lot for all the support!

Athishay Aggarwal
MS in Computer Science
University of California, Los Angeles


I want to thank the whole team of Imperial for their valuable time, which they spent with me discussing my educational goals. A Special thanks to Hiren, Karishma, Anagha, Pooja for simplifying my journey...

Aditi Kapoor
SUNY Buffalo


Karishma, Anagha and Hiren Sir have been like a pillar to support me. I have troubled them with my weirdest and most stupid doubts. But they answered with a smile. They give me the confidence at every step.

Arvind Mani
University of Colorado, Denver


Dear Imperial, Thank you all of you for helping and being there for me throughout the tedious process. It was so much easier with your guidance and support. You people rock!! Wish you all the best.

Nehali Mhatre
PHD in Math and Statistics
Colorado State University,
Fort Collins


HirenSir, more than anything your POSITIVITY is what helped methroughout my "overseas education" journey! Continue to exude the same positivity always. Anagha, Karishma, Anagha, Sonali, Rebecca thank you for everything.

Juhi Chaudhari
Masters in Public Health
Tufts University


The crazy roller coaster ride from GRE preparation, university selection, college applications to visa interview all had turned into a cake walk. Thank you so much to the counselors at Imperial especially Mr. Hiren Rathod and his team for helping me turn my dream into reality.

Ankita Mantry
MS in Finance
University of Massachusetts, Boston.


A mighty thank you for the whole Imperial team for the amazing support and guidance. You made the scary process of preparing for studies in another country seem like a cakewalk. Looking forward for a lifetime of friendship!

Utkarsh Thakkar
MS in Mechanical
Michigan Technological University


Hiren, Sonali& Rebecca, you people made the application process so simple, that we hardly had to worry about anything. The amazing journey from COUNSELORS to FRIENDS is worth remembering. Cheers to you people!

Nahush Kulkarni
MS in Computer Science
University of California, Los Angeles


Hi, I am Nidhi Shah. I am going to Michigan, Ann Arbour for my Master's. Hiren Sir has been very helpful from shortlisting the universities to my visa preparations. I would like to thank him and Imperial for the guidance.

Nidhi Shah
MS in Biomedical Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


I am glad to join Imperial for my counseling Process for US Admissions.

Hiren Sir made things easy going with each and every document and process needed He also helped during the visa applications and interview Thanks a ton

Dr. Saloni Deorukhkar
Masters in Rehabilitation Science and Physical Therapy
Loma Linda University


Well... I had a lot of help from Hiren Rathod and Anagha Bailur for my entire admission process....I had an obstacle in every step of my process but thankfully was able to override them with timely help from Hiren Rathod and Anagha Bailur. Thanks a lot guys... And keep up with the good work...

Dr. Bhumi Rathod
Masters in Rehabilitation Science
University of Indianapolis


It was a good experience working with you all at Imperial regarding my masters application process. My profile created with the help of you all created a great impact in the admission process.

Would like to thank you all for the great support!

Yash Chheda
MS in Computer Science
California State University, Fullerton


Thank You Imperial and Hiren Sir for making my Visa experience really smooth. You have helped me in all the possible ways for getting my Visa done in a timely and effortless manner. Hiren Sir, you have answered all my questions at all times and believe me I know I have bugged you a lot. Thank you everyone with the Imperial to make my dream come true. :) Cheers! P.S.: Hiren Sir, I am still going to bug you with questions though ;)

Milind Furia
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


It's been great working with you or maybe troubling you every now and then :D If it wasn't for Imperial, my numerous and super recurring doubts would've been unresolved!! :P Thank you so much for being such a cool guide and always giving out the most genuine opinions and solutions! The whole process of getting closer to my dream was a cakewalk because of the constant support you guys extended!

Best Regards and a Heart full gratitude!.

Shruti Ranjalkar
MS in Information Systems
Northeastern University


Thanks a lot for all the help and the guidance Imperial provided. I am really glad to have a counselor like Hiren Sir. The team at Imperial made the whole application and the visa process and interview seem easy.

Thanks and I hope that Imperial does extremely well and achieve great heights and I am confident that it definitely will. These words are for the team which is kind, generous and big-hearted.

Sneha Nagrani
University of Texas, Dallas
Spring 2014.


Hi I am Krunal Chande. I am going to the Georgia Tech. I would highly recommend Imperial and Mr. Hiren Rathod for anyone who wants to pursue further studies in the US. They have given me the best guidance in terms of writing my SOP's, LOR's, Visa application and preparation. I would like to thank Hiren Sir for helping me through this very important step towards a bright future.

Krunal Chande
MS in Electrical Engineering
Georgia Tech


When I had just enrolled in Imperial, I was very nervous about the whole process for M.S. application. I had heard that it is very strenuous and backbreaking. But I was proved wrong. The Counselors at Imperial helped me throughout the process and I never felt the pressure on me. They were always available to solve even the smallest and the silliest of my doubts at any time of the day. Right from the selection of universities up to my visa interview, they made the whole process go smooth and uncomplicated for me. It was probably because of their guidance that I made it! All in all, it was an exhilarating experience and I thank Imperial for this.

Neha Lokhande.
NYU Poly.


A journey which begins with giving exams like GRE/TOEFL and ends with getting your visa approved can be a really tough one. But everything turns good and comes together at the end when a good guide is there with you at every moment backing you up and being there for you.

Many many thanks from me and behalf of my family to Mr. Hiren Rathod and his team at Imperial Overseas Educational Consultancy. It's been a great journey.

Niraj Hirani
MS in Mechanical Engineering
University of Illinois, Chicago


First of all, we all are so grateful to the Imperial team since this Journey wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for you all. The long process from GRE to flying to USA of eight months has been so smooth because of your team. Your job is not as easy as it looks. Hats off to your patience Hiren Sir. I always wonder "Yaar, yeh Banda itna patience laate kahan se hain???" So calmly, you answered our questions and sometimes the questions were nonsense too.

Sonali and Rebecca had always been our strength during tough times. They have wholeheartedly helped us not like our counselors but like a family member. During the final days, we are leaving India happily just because of Imperial. It has now blessed me with so many cool & great friends. Thanks Imperial & my dear friends for giving me so many memories which will not only bring laughter but also tears of leaving you all. It has been a mixed feeling. Each one of you will agree that these days are the finest days of our life.

Hiren Sir , Rebecca & Sonali we are not going to let you down. Yes everyone of us will flourish.

Finally, thank you so much once again though thanks is a very small word to express my emotions.

Sachin Shetty
MS in Industrial Engineering
SUNY Binghamton


When i first started off planing as to where i would be pursuing my higher education, it was very frustrating. I realised that I needed professional help to help me in selecting a good university for the same. Ms. Harkiran has played a very important role in my life in helping me choose an appropriate university for myself. She is not only a very professional and highly capable counselor but also a very good friend and a mentor to me. I truly admire her sense of professionalism. Although i was in Thailand working at the time of sending my applications, she made it very easy for me to correspond with her. In this process of choosing the University, she also assisted me in resolving the ocean of doubts that i had regarding this and also being highly supportive. She provided individual attention to me and supported me through this process. The interview process and the whole process of Visa application became very easy due to her help.

Imperial overseas is doing a wonderful job in assisting many students in seeking University admissions abroad and i am very thankful to Ms Harkiran and the entire team for helping me. Overall, the past few months has been a wonderful journey.

Thanks a Ton!

Silson Wilson
MS in Project Management
La Trobe University, Australia
July 2016


I have a message to share. It is still clear in my mind. I was shattered after my first attempt at GRE. I had lost all hope of getting into any of my dream universities in the US. But things changed after enrolling at Imperial. First of all, the services provided at Imperial are excellent. None of my friends have told me that their counselors were as committed as you were towards your students. Also the availability of all the counselors at any time of the day during the most important application process for universities as well as visa formalities was commendable; Hiren Sir, Anagha Ma’am and Karishma Ma’am. The best thing about the counselors was their attitude towards students. They were always friendly and never too formal. This helped since I never found it awkward to even ask the silliest of questions during the entire process. Lastly, I will never forget the second mock interview for visa conducted my Anagha Ma’am and Karishma Ma’am. They prepared me for the worst but in these last two months they have helped me a lot and maintained a very friendly equation with me and I enjoyed interacting with them.

Thanks a lot Hiren Sir, Karishma Ma’am and Anagha Ma’am.

Abhishek Shukla
MS in Telecommunications Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Harkiran and Imperial Overseas Education for guiding me and counseling me all the way right from choosing the right country to getting admissions in UNSW to helping me in the visa process. There has never been a single moment where I have been said a single lie. You have always been welcoming and whatever doubts I have had, you have cleared them in a courteous way rather than condescending. You have helped me when I needed, replied to me emails without delay and without fail, helped me to pay through credit card to the university, helped me arrange all the required documents in advance so that I don't have any troubles, helped me prepare for my visa and apart from all this, you have also been respectful to my mother who was very concerned about me all this while.Getting admission in a foreign University is a tedious process and it has a lot of formalities to be completed. For this reason having an understanding counselor is really important. Thank you again for being understanding and helping me get admission in UNSW and since all the documents were kept ready in time, I also got my visa well before the usual time it takes for a normal student. I will be in contact for sure with you and always be grateful for guiding me all this time.


It gives me immense pleasure to write about Imperial Overseas Educational Consultants. I have been a part of this center since the past 2 years when I decided to pursue my Master's degree abroad. Since I was pretty late to decide on my study plans, I was very skeptical if in such a short duration it was possible for me to take a GRE and TOEFL and also finish applications on time for the Fall 2014 intake. I learnt about Mr. Hiren Rathod through a friend who had given a very positive feedback when I was looking for an adviser. I had a few initial discussions with Hiren Sir whose forthcoming nature impressed me.

After talking to Hiren Sir, I was at ease with all my doubts and had an open discussion about most things from courses to universities to financial factors even before I enrolled there. I was confident I made the right selection. Unfortunately I was late in my admissions and missed some important deadlines hence couldn't make it for Fall 2014 intake. I was disappointed but decided to give another try for next season.

I decided to give another shot for Fall 2015 and completed all my applications on time. Hiren Sir and his colleagues at Imperial were very helpful throughout the entire process. From shortlisting of the universities, to completing the applications and reviewing them, composing SOPs and Recommendations to submitting my applications they were there throughout the journey. What also impressed me about Hiren Sir is that he is available '24X7'(quite literally), on call or email/in person to answer any doubt or question I may have. He showed confidence in me and guided me on the right track. He made the tedious online application process easy. I was also fortunate to meet many other fellow students, at the same stage as me, which constantly kept me in the loop of any latest news or development.

Finally I landed up an admit in Northeastern university for the MS in IS course. I had also got an admit from NJIT in Masters in Management programme but decided on the former one as it was a safe one. This was an important admit for me as I didn't have that good a profile to get into highly ambitious universities. Also the entire VISA process was simplified by Hiren Sir and team - right from the finances to mock interviews, everything was made a cakewalk.

I am lucky to have found the right place at the right time. I wish Hiren Sir and Team Imperial all the best for their endeavors and sincerely hope it continues to help students realize their dreams. :-)

Darshak Shah
MS in Information Systems
Northeastern University


It gives me immense pleasure to write about Imperial Overseas Educational Consultants. I became a part of this center last year in September when I decided to pursue my Master's degree abroad. Since I was pretty late to decide on my study plans, I was very skeptical if in such a short duration it was possible for me to take a GRE and TOEFL and also finish applications on time for the Fall 2014 intake. I learnt about Mr. Hiren Rathod through a friend who had witnessed a seminar by him for overseas counseling. I had a few initial discussions with Hiren Sir whose forthcoming nature impressed me and my folks. I had previously visited a few other counselors but they were very reserved with respect to their talks. All I got from most of them was- 'Join first and then we will take things further after that. I could not figure out on whom to place my trust. After talking to Hiren Sir, I was at ease with all my doubts and had an open discussion about most things from courses to universities to financial factors even before I enrolled there. I was confident I made the right selection.

Hiren Sir and his colleagues at Imperial were very helpful throughout the entire process. From deciding on which course to pursue, the selection of countries to apply, short listing universities, online applications, preparation of documents, etc, it has been a wonderful journey. What also impressed me about Hiren Sir is that he is available 24X7, on call or email to answer any doubt or question I may have. He showed confidence in me and guided me on the right track. He made the tedious online application process easy. I was also fortunate to meet many other fellow students, at the same stage as me, which constantly helped me to be in the loop of any latest news or development.

Here, I also got an opportunity to meet a Professor from a reputed University in the US. This professor looked up my resume, interviewed me and offered admit into his University. I also got a very good admit from University of Maryland, Collegepark for Master's in Management in Information Systems. This was an important admit for me as I was shifting my focus from Electronics Engineering into Management in Information Systems without any work experience. Hiren Sir understood my need for pursuing a Management related course and he encouraged me and guided me well to work further on it.

I am lucky to have found the right place at the right time. I wish Hiren Sir and Imperial all the best for their endeavors and sincerely hope it continues to help students realize their dreams.

Ms. Saloni Kanakia
University of Maryland, Collegepark


It was a fantastic journey of being with Hiren Sir and the Imperial Team and I am sure it'll go on forever. I know one thing for sure had it not been for you, me and Sayli wouldn't be in the same university. I know the process was tedious with lots of ups and downs with my KTs and late replies from universities and not to forget innumerable doubts and phone calls I had given you late night and your prompt replies. This association and bond with you is for the lifetime now and I hope to meet you soon and also will remain your student forever. May god bless you in all your endeavors and with strength in life. Thanking you and everyone at Imperial once again for all the things and sorry for all the troubles.

Nikita Ubale
MS in Industrial Engineering
NYU Poly


I have had an amazing experience with ISSC. I had almost given up on going for my Masters until I came to ISSC for the first time!

Thank you so much for guiding me throughout from writing my SOP to shortlisting my universities, clarifying all my doubts at any odd time of the day, helping me tremendously with the VISA. This wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you for tolerating all my fears, answering all my queries and doubts and bringing the confidence in me. I wish you all the best for the future and will hope and pray for your growing success.

Also, I would like to thank Harkiran Ma'am for motivating me and guiding me a lot through the VISA the preparation.

Moneesha Modi
MS in Computer Science
Syracuse University
Spring 2016.


The process of applying and attaining an admit was surely a piece of cake with Imperial. Your ever present help and the confidence that you are a phone call away was rest assured. Even though I joined in December and was wanting to go to Germany, your timely advice helped me apply to the US. At every stage I was impressed how Hiren Sir wonderfully guided me. I am happy and will surely recommend Imperial to my friends.

Advantages: 1) 3 people can attend to you 2) Close to my place Disadvantage : - NONE Thanks for all the help and care. Hope this is not the end and we continue to be in touch.

Akshay Balachandran
MS in Industrial Engineering
University of Illinois, Chicago


It's been a year, (well almost !!) since I have been associated with Imperial and now that I am all set to move towards an all new phase of my life, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the people who have been instrumental in this transition.

Hiren Sir,
I cannot thank you enough for the support that you have given me all throughout this journey, when I met you for the first time, the words that you said to me instilled in me a confidence to go ahead and pursue my dreams, and not wallow in self-doubt and pity. All throughout the year, I have pestered you stupid doubts and some more stupid doubts yet you responded to them each and every time with impunity. I shall never forget the help that you have provided.

Anagha, Shilpa and Karishma and Team,
A special note of thanks for you as well for all the help with the application process, mock interviews, packets etc. It made my life a lot more easier having you guys around..

And yes Anagha, I still don't have Adobe installed!!!

I wish to thank and appreciate all your efforts, and I wish ISSC all the very best in their future endeavors!!!

Keep making people fly places…

With loads of Love, respect, and adulation

Akshit J. Shetty
Drexel University



I am Jitesh Sharma from Mumbai (Bachelors in Management Studies, Mithibai College).

I was in my 5th Semester when i thought of going overseas for my master's. I started to look for good counsellors and visited no less than 12 counsellors, found one thing common in 11 of them, they were all promoting their institutes who give them good commission, until i visited Imperial.

Ms. Harkiran, my counsellor step by step guided me about how to prepare my course of action, starting from selecting the countries then to shortlist the institutes (according to their subject rankings and faculty), to filling forms and applying for VISA. Not just these, she also helped me find cheaper Medical insurance (no counsellor in my knowledge helps you do that). Moreover she was always available to help, be it midnight or early morning. Imperial helps you with every step and the best part is, they don't spoon feed you, you will be asked to research and find information and when done with your personal research they give you the second opinion. Must say Imperial is a One stop Shop for any student planning for overseas Education and wanting a world class exposure.

Today i am a proud student pursuing Masters in Human Resource Management at University of Melbourne (World Ranking-14, also Number 1 Australian University) Thanks to Imperial!

Jitesh Sharma
Masters in Human Resource Management
University of Melbourne


Hiren Rathod at Imperial is an excellent counselor for students wishing to pursue higher studies abroad. The key to his effectiveness is his professionalism and attention to minute details born out of his personal experience as a student in a university abroad. For him customer service is obviously a high priority as he is willing to give time and energy to every student. Hiren Sir is always available on phone. No call remains unanswered. He is a patient listener and clears every doubt. Hiren Sir makes every area of the application process seem easy because of his continuous support. From preparing an exceptional SOP and resume to training for visa interviews. The mock interviews made me confident and equipped me to face challenging questions. The staff is very supportive and pleasant. Hiren Sir was there for me from the day I walked into his office and I am sure will be there with me even beyond the day I reach the University of my Choice.

Romit Palit
MS in Computer Science
SUNY Buffalo


Hiren Sir.... I am so happy and grateful to you. It is you who helped me make my dream come true. Before joining Imperial I was confused and apprehensive about whether I would ever study abroad but your confidence in me made it possible. Your "Aree ho jayega.. Tension mat lo" will never be forgotten. Right from choosing universities to sending the application, from finalizing the university to going over the visa application and the countless mock interviews, you made everything seem so simple. Your guidance, support, personal attention and friendly advices helped me through this amazing experience with ease.

My mom too highly appreciates your involvement and keeps saying that it was a right decision to join Imperial. Also, I would like to thank Shilpa Ma'am and Anagha Ma'am for their support and encouragement.

Trishala Salian
Texas Tech University


First of all, I would like to thank Hiren Sir for everything in the past 6-8 months. He has been more of a friend than a counselor to me. He is very straightforward, frank, polite and of course informative. He has made this long tedious process of applications and visa, very simple and stress free. From helping us draft SOPs, LORs, making our resume, applying to colleges, to appearing for the visa interview, however complicated it looks, Hiren Sir makes it a cakewalk. His best quality is he oozes confidence in everyone. Feeling stressed out and you have a chat with Sir, and with his standard words "Sab hojayega, tension mat le", all your tension is relieved. And those are not just words; he makes sure everything is actually like what he promises. Also, I have seen students freak out while standing in the visa interview queue. But Hiren Sir makes sure we are over prepared for it and you'll think it is yet another formality to be completed. And the whole team at Imperial also has been very helpful and kind. Thanks a lot again Hiren Sir, and I wish you All the very best for your future endeavors. And I hope we will be in touch for the years to come

Karnav Shah
MS in Industrial Engineering
NYU Poly


It was wonderful interacting with the team at Imperial.

At the outset, the technical knowledge that Hiren Sir has in terms of University, SOP, Recommendations, Visa, Finance, Mocks and other small things that a student might require is tremendous.

Another thing I want to appreciate is your availability. It's like any time of the day you are there for a student.

You also make sure that you talk according to the target audience like students and parents from different background. Concern and history of individual student was kept in mind.

Anagha is always cheerful and it's good to talk to her keeps a student in happy state even in cases of rejections from universities. Shilpa Ma'am thanks to you too. All the paperwork was smooth because of you. Karishma thanks for all the mock interviews.

Thank you all for making time from your lunch time, coz I could visit the office only during my lunch time from work.

At last I want to tell you, yours was this only institute that gave me confidence that I can study despite 12 + 3. All the big names straight said study another year and come back.

Thanks for instilling this thought in me that I can get thru with a 12 + 3 too.

Hoping for an interactive pre-departure session and a fun party!!!

Sameep Kodia
San Diego State University


The journey we had in the past one year helped me to reach my dream. Hiren Sir was like a helping hand for me in each step I took in past one year.

From the day one, we started with the counseling session discussing my profile, shortlisting universities and then going through the tedious admission procedure which turned out to be an enjoyable journey with you. Also, Shilpa Ma'am was always there to check and keep a track of all the documents before sending a courier.

Soon my wait for an admit, for my admit ended when I got an admit from North Carolina State University. The guidance and the road map shown by you during the process helped me a lot.

The Visa process seemed to be a cake walk for me with your help. The endless visa interview taken by Hiren Sir and Karishma Ma'am along a perfect document list given by you helped me go through it and there I was with my visa approved. A Big Big Big thanks to you.

Sir, you were always a phone call away from me whenever I was in trouble, it may be late night or early morning but you always made it a point to answer the call and reply back.

You and your team are just awesome and help we students realize our dreams. See you soon at the pre-departure party.

Thank You!

Zarna Parekh
North Carolina State University


I got enrolled to IMPERIAL in August 2012. Their counselor Mr. Hiren Rathod and his team has been guiding me ever since for applying for my Masters. As a start-off he introduced to the basic timeline of the entire procedure right from the preparation of the pre-required docs (Bank Solvency, Affidavit and Transcripts formats, Recommendations and SOP) till my Visa Interview. With his continuous help and guidance only I was all set to apply for Universities by the end of November.

But now was the most tedious task. Short listing the Universities and applying to them is not as easy as it seems. He helped me prepare the final list of Universities after having a detailed discussion with me on my fields of interest and all the important aspects one needs to see while considering a University. He was prompt and helpful throughout the task, no matter what difficulty I encountered and when. He was supportive and encouraging all the time while reviewing application progress on the University sites or keeping track records of the couriers sent. Irrespective of day and time, he never left any query of mine inattentive. The pre-Visa session conducted for financial management was very helpful from parents point of view as well.

Above all, the biggest support I had got from him was during the mock VI sessions. He never objected a mock session whenever I demanded for one. We followed a very systematic approach while preparing for VI and only by his unaltered support and trust I could go through my VI with such an ease.

All the same, the whole experience with IMPERIAL and with Hiren was very assuring and not to forget very much memorable.

Aardra Athalye
MS in Mechanical Engineering
Clemson University.


To pursue my dream of MS in US I had joined a "Reputed" GRE Trainer in May 2013 for preparation with GRE and TOEFL. A few lectures in, I realized that I was not getting out of it what I was paying for. I knew I needed a better guidance than what was provided. However, I continued with them and completed the course. Later, I managed to get decent scores in GRE and TOEFL through good self-effort by November.

At this point I was already working 8-9 hours with 4 hours of travelling every day. On top of which I had enough work pressure to keep me busy even during the time at home. It was getting extremely difficult to manage the application procedure and all with all this work. It was then when I realized that I seriously needed help to ease my way through the steps towards my dream. So, I had contacted all the big names in counseling and felt that somehow they were charging too much and not helping me out that much either i.e. I would have to set up meetings with them to solve my doubts and would have to do all the hard work with the remaining steps.

It was in this search when I stumbled upon Imperial and Hiren Sir through a good friend of mine. I admit that I was a bit skeptical about him at the beginning as I had never heard about him before but I really liked his friendly nature and ease of accessibility. He made things pretty smooth for me right from selecting the right universities, the right course till preparing drafts for my SOP. He made every problem seem small and easy to tackle. The best part was that during my peak days of work, I was able to contact him on Whatsapp even after 1am to solve my doubts.

It has been a great journey with Imperial from doubting its ways to being confident about it and me being supported in my efforts for MS in US.

Rohan Isawe
MS in Information Assurance
Northeastern University


Hi I am Vinita. I will be going to US for my MS in Biomedical Engineering. Hiren Sir has been of great help since the very start. From short listing the universities to the preparation for the visa interview, he has been very involved. You can reach him anytime of the day and he will give his advice or solve your doubt. I strongly recommend Imperial School and Study Centre for anyone who wants to make a professional future abroad.

Thank You

Vinita Talgaonkar
MS in Biomedical Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Meeting Hiren was a blessing in disguise. I met him when I thought my American Dream is over after getting a couple of rejects from the university. After talking with him, he made me realize that my dream is still on and we have time to correct things and head in the right direct. He helped me with all my processes and was available whenever I needed him. His help with the visa process helped me to get that approval nod from the VO. Right from the documentation process till the mock interviews. To make it short. He will guide you and boost your confidence to make sure you get what you want.

Sagar Karvir
University of Cincinnati


Hi my name is Anuja Pharse. I am going for my MS at SUNY Binghamton. My visa had been rejected in my 1st try and I thought that I would not be able to pursue my dream to go to the US and study. But then I came to Imperial and prepared for my Visa interview with Hiren Sir. He really boosted up my confidence and finally I got through. Those 2 days of preparation were enough to prove that Imperial is one of the best gateway for students who want to go abroad.

Anuja Pharse
MS in Computer Science
SUNY Binghamton


I meant to write this before but couldn't as I was travelling for a long time :)

I want to sincerely thank Hiren Sir and his entire team at Imperial for their support and guidance. They helped me in the entire process of seeking admission for my Masters in US. They also provide an extended support with flight bookings and other guidance seminars.

The real benefits of joining ISSC are:

  • - Counselor who can provide frank and neutral advice. (Hiren Sir) :)
  • - Entire team at ISSC is very supportive. (Anagha and Shilpa) :)
  • - You get everything under one roof--(Counseling for university selection, courier service, Form filling advice, informative seminars for students and parets, visa interview guidance, flight booking, insurance information, forex card information, etc.)
  • - Flexibility in timing, which makes a great difference if you are working. (Imperial works on Saturday too) :)

For anyone looking forward to masters, I will definitely recommend to join ISSC.

Nisha Kanani
MS in Computer Science
Northeastern University


Hello friends this is Sudesh Nadar. I did my Masters in MET, Bandra. It was in September when I appeared for my GRE. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go for a Master's in a specialized field in finance or an MBA. At Imperial, Hiren was very instrumental in helping me decide that a Master's in Finance was the perfect choice. Once I was done with my GRE, I had several issues like the SOP, the Letters of Recommendation. I have colleagues who were asked to take all the efforts to write their own SOP's and Letters of Recommendation without much assistance from their counsellors. But at Imperial it was a combined effort. My ideas and opinion were taken and implemented into the required documents. It was more of an interactive session, friend-to-friend and not student-teacher type session. This attitude is very important while drafting an SOP and Letters of recommendation. This played an important role in earning me an acceptance from several good universities. From my experience at Imperial I can say that I was never treated as a student ever but as a friend whose advice was duly taken and acted upon. I was also happy to know that we had a 100% visa approval rate and I would like the congratulate Hiren and Imperial on that. Cheers!!

Sudesh Nadar
Master's in Finance
IIT Chicago


Hi I am Bhargavi. I will be going to the University of Southern California for a Master's in Biomedical Engineering. I joined Imperial for my counselling. They helped me with my SOP and LOR writing which is very important for the university application. They also helped me with my visa application and prepped me for the interview. I believe it is very important to have someone professional to guide you through the process of shortlisting universities, sending out applications and preparing for the visa interview after receiving the accept. And Imperial has helped me throughout the procedure and in the end the best feeling is to know that you have gotten past all the hurdles to finally pursue your dreams and explore a new life. Thank You

Bhargavi Ganesh
MS in Biomedical Engineering
University of Southern California


Hiren Rathod at Imperial has been a great help in my application process for MPH in USA and thanks to all his help and guidance I have secured admission in Drexel University. Infact I got admits from 6 out of the 7 universities I had applied to and I am thankful to Imperial for helping me achieve my dreams. Hiren will not only solve your application related queries but also guide you on a personal level.He is available 24/7 throughout the process.Thus making the whole process very easy and simple.Getting a visa was also easy thanks to their precise instructions.I would recommend Imperial and Hiren Rathod to anyone thinking of applying abroad for future education.

Dr. Sneha Patel
Drexel University ($17,000 Scholarship)


Main mast mein settle ho gaya hu yahape. Classes have started. Seriously, the university is a godfather for plastics and polymers. A lot of funding available for plastic department and also over 100 companies pop in in the career fair each year for plastics. I have not got any funding yet. On campus jobs scene is very difficult here. As it being a public university, many locals and undergrads gets the on campus job by applying through FAFSA scholarship etc. But still I managed to get one on campus job in career services. Being the first Indian of this fall to get an on-campus and bohot mast lag raha hai. Aapki baat sahi thi boss, to choose UMass Lowell over Rutgers. Thank you so much. I am sure you must be doing really good in counselling and do help our Junior Batches too.

Harsh Modi
Masters in Plastic Engineering
University of Massachusetts, Lowell


Hi. I am Vivek Salyankar. I am going to the University of Texas, Arlington. Imperial has guided me through my admissions process. They have been very helpful in providing insight on the various universities and helping me to narrow down my search. They have also provided great guidance for the SOP and LOR writing. After I received admit from UT, Arlington, they helped me with my Visa application and prepped me for the interview as well. The financial documents which are always a tricky set to be handled were prepared with such ease, thanks to Imperial and Hiren Sir's guidance. They not just help me for the admission and visa application but also post visa approval preparations. It ranged from what airlines to book tickets with to what all I would need to carry along with me since this is my first trip out alone and as a student.

Vivek Salyankar
MS in Biomedical Engineering
University of Texas, Arlington


I am so thankful that I joined Imperial for my Counseling Process. Every document that we need, every mistake that we make, be it a silly or a smart one, Hiren Sir is always there to help us sail through it. The counselor works all day just to make the life of their students, a bit easier. But Hiren Sir made this tiring experience from applying to colleges till the visa day, an amazing experience.

Sometimes I wonder where he gets all this energy from!!! But jokes apart, he is really a facilitative guy. During the visa time, he used to take n no of mocks, just to make sure we have enough confidence. Way to go Imperial!!

I would recommend ISSC to everyone who has even an iota of thought to study abroad... Hiren Sir hai na!! Thank you once again Imperial and Hiren Sir… They really make u fly places...

Kiran Talreja
MS in Information Systems
Northeastern University


Fulfilling my dream of getting into one of the top universities would not have been possible without the constant support of Mr. Hiren Rathod who works as a counselor at Imperial School and Study Center. Right from selection of universities to packing our bags Hiren Sir has always helped me with a lot of patience. In spite of some of my issues and doubts being really petty, Hiren Sir was always available to solve them. The major reason for me taking up counselling with him was his emphasis on importance of research in universities and selection of universities based on the same.

Whenever needed you can directly talk to him without any mediator, which generally is the case with other counselors who themselves are not available for the guidance. My father was satisfied with the help provided by him regarding financial matters needed during Visa process. Also visa mock sessions conducted by him gave me the needed confidence to crack the Visa interview. I would like to conclude by saying that all these excellent services were provided against a minimal fee and hence would like to suggest my juniors to join him for counselling.

Pranali Tambe
MS in Biomedical Engineering
Duke University.


My experience was truly outstanding with the Imperial Counseling program. More than a counselor, you were like a friend who would advise, guide on even a smallest and most silly doubt with cool and calm attitude. Right from the initial GRE/TOEFL exam time till the very last minute of visa interview, there were hundreds of question that you might have answered with utmost ease. Without your and your team's support, the strenuous procedure for Masters in USA would have been very difficult. I sincerely thank Hiren Sir and the Imperial Team for their very kind and dedicated support.

The biggest advantage for me was that Hiren Sir would answer hundreds of minor questions that I asked right from first stage through last stage of Masters Procedure within a very short time. The quick help really helps to move things faster. Better knowledge and experience of Counselor helps to get most of things right and this was one of the advantage at ISSC according to me. He gave very good guidance on Visa Procedure arrangements. From documentation part to finance part to Visa Interview part, the counseling program really worked well for me. 7-9 mock VI and constant guidance on VI preparation helped me to take down the VI with ease.

Thus, I conclude now by saying that Hiren Sir and the Imperial Team was definitely helpful and I once again thank you for helping me to chase my dream in a more luxurious way. If I know of someone looking for Counseling for MS in USA, I will surely recommend Imperial and Hiren Sir.

Umit Shah
MS in Electrical Engineering
Arizona State University


Studying in USA is totally different from studying in INDIA. Here you have a flexible curriculum which allows you to choose course of your interest and stream. Unlike India you can have all sort of available courses and specialization combination at any US universities. Study material is updated and approach is as followed in the industry. This makes you apply your knowledge directly into research or industry. Students receive great amount of funding from the university and opportunity of becoming a teaching, research or graduate assistant which takes care of your expenses and carries special importance while applying for jobs. In addition to that you get to interact with people from worldwide, this helps you make global contacts which are very useful from career point of view. Its just not academics, there are various university clubs, volunteering organizations and tones of fun and sports activities continuously taking place on campus throughout the day. That’s not it, in addition to that there is free food and college partys which never let you regret your decision of coming to USA.

I am currently pursuing my Masters in the field of Mechanical Engineering from University of Florida, specializing in Thermal Science & Fluid Dynamics. I have chosen this university for its vast research in the field of Combustion Science which was to my interest and this directly opens up my doors to Engine designing in Automotive and Mechanical Industry. This Master program is totally different from bachelor program in India. Most of the time my classes are in the laboratories and they are totally based on practical approach. Assignments are pretty easy but they are never engineers from industry as a guest lecturer, workshops and seminars and this keeps me updated all the time.

As per my experience, the most cumbersome task for abroad studies is the application process in which you have filling up application forms (usually 10 pages long which takes hours fill it up correctly), making SOPs and LORs, sending packages along with documents, visa interview and arranging finance. But just because of Hiren Sir & staff of Imperial, my application process was so smooth that I never felt the stress out of it. My GRE score being on the lower side made me feel pessimist about getting admits but his confidence and hardwork made me land up in the 25th ranked university in USA for Mechanical Engineering.

Unlike other counselors who only give you list of the safest university in USA, he believes in taking chances. For university short listing he considered all the aspects right from the safest one to your dream university. He makes you fill up your application form in his office itself, so that you don’t tend to make any mistakes. But the fun part was I used to have crazy discussions (TV shows, Cricket match, New movie) with him during form filling and never realized how the time passed by. His team used to check each and every page of my package before sending it to the university. There was no chance of any mistake under him as he is available 24x7 to guide me. I used to get my doubts cleared on WhatsApp, I don’t think any other counselor does that. After getting admits he helped me selecting the best option among them considering academics, funding and jobs. He made me so perfect in his visa mock interview itself that actual interview was like a cakewalk for me. He is the coolest guy I have ever met. He is less like a Counsellor and more like my best friend now.

Joining him is the best decision I have made and counseling with him is the most awesome experience I have ever had so far.

M.S. Mechanical Engineering
University of Florida, USA