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How to do MBA Study in UK?

Are you thinking of having your MBA? Would you like to have it in another country? One of the most standardized and modern when it comes to teaching method and skill development is UK. Without a doubt, the country has produced world class talent in any field that you can think of. These prestigious awards and accomplishments given to Englishmen made the country renown for great schools and good teaching technique most especially when it comes to their MBA programs.

What is good about UK?

UK is one of the most progressive countries. Many people from different countries made this country their home which makes this country truly open minded, diverse and multi-cultural society. When it comes to the number of foreign students they have more than 250, 000 International students here.

Reasons to Study in UK

There are different reasons why you should have your education in this country.

  • For one to qualify with their masters studies, you only require 15 years of studies.
  • One can work while studying in the country without any hassle.
  • There is a single application form that is needed for one six undergraduate program and absolutely no fees needed for postgraduate courses.
  • The study will not take that long ( 3 years for undergraduate and a year or less than a year for postgraduate).
  • High quality of schools all over the country.

Accommodation in UK

There are lots of affordable accommodations that you can choose from in UK. Universities can also help you in recommending rooms and pads. For those who have their family with them, there are houses and apartments that will fit your budget. You can also live, study and work in the country and make ends meet.

Top Universities in UK

  • University of Aberdeen
  • University of Bath
  • University of Birmingham
  • Canterbury Christ Church University College – Canterbury
  • University for Creative Arts
  • De Montfort University, Bedford
  • University of Derby
  • University of Glamorgan
  • Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College
  • Institute of Child Health, London
  • The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts
  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London

Cost of Admission

A foreign student who wants to study in the country either in public universities or colleges, the fees will be determined by the institutions where you want to attend. It is best that you contact the school that you want to study to know more about their cost of admission. Postgraduate programs will have different admission costs.

Other Things You Need to Spend for while in UK

You will also have to mind your daily expenses in food, lodging, electricity and water bill, clothes and transportation. You also have to spend for your books and requirements that you need for your course.

Institutions that Can Help You with Your Application

To get to know more about the information that you need for your international student application in UK, you can ask UK Council for International Student Affairs or you can also ask ISSC.

The crazy roller coaster ride from GRE preparation, university selection, college applications to visa interview all had turned into a cake walk. Thank you so much Mr. Hiren Rathod and his team for helping me turn my dream into reality.

Ankita Mantry.
MS in Finance
University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Main mast mein settle ho gaya hu yahape. Classes have started. Seriously, the university is a godfather for plastics and polymers. A lot of funding available for plastic department and also over 100 companies pop in in the career fair each year for plastics. I have not got any funding yet. On campus jobs scene is very difficult here. As it being a public university, many locals and undergrads gets the on campus job by applying through FAFSA scholarship etc. But still I managed to get one on campus job in career services. Being the first Indian of this fall to get an on-campus and bohot mast lag raha hai. Aapki baat sahi thi boss, to choose UMass Lowell over Rutgers. Thank you so much. I am sure you must be doing really good in counselling and do help our Junior Batches too.

Harsh Modi
Masters in Plastic Engineering
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Hiren Rathod at Imperial has been a great help in my application process for MPH in USA and thanks to all his help and guidance I have secured admission in Drexel University. Infact I got admits from 6 out of the 7 universities I had applied to and I am thankful to Imperial for helping me achieve my dreams. Hiren will not only solve your application related queries but also guide you on a personal level.He is available 24/7 throughout the process.Thus making the whole process very easy and simple.Getting a visa was also easy thanks to their precise instructions.I would recommend Imperial and Hiren Rathod to anyone thinking of applying abroad for future education.

Dr. Sneha Patel
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Neha Lokhande.
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Meeting Hiren was a blessing in disguise. I met him when I thought my American Dream is over after getting a couple of rejects from the university. After talking with him, he made me realize that my dream is still on and we have time to correct things and head in the right direct. He helped me with all my processes and was available whenever I needed him. His help with the visa process helped me to get that approval nod from the VO. Right from the documentation process till the mock interviews. To make it short. He will guide you and boost your confidence to make sure you get what you want.

Sagar Karvir
University of Cincinnati