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Case studies


A scholarship is a reward or a financial aid given to a student to complete his studies. Students with outstanding academic scores, good score in competitive exams or excellent extra- curricular achievements are eligible for various kinds of scholarships.

There are different kinds of Financial Aid:
  • Merit Based Scholarship :

    A student’s merit is awarded in the form of scholarships from Universities as well as other Institutions. Students are judged on the basis of High Scores in their previous relevant education, relevant work experience, high performance in entrance exams, research experience, etc. either individually or as a combination of many of these.

    The Universities provide such scholarships at the time of admit in the form of a fixed annual amount or percentage.

  • Assistantship :

    Universities provide assistantships to students with considerable relative experience or potential for it and are awarded mostly during or after the 1st semester.
    Teaching assistantships would include students helping their teachers with building presentations or notes for the class; they also might include grading papers on behalf of the teacher or teach junior students.
    Research Assistantships are provided to students who have shown considerable research potential or research experience.
    Graduate Assistantships would involve students working with the Graduate office.
    These opportunities are known to pay the students a stipend or even tuition waiver

Other than University based scholarships, there are various other external scholarships that are awarded by the certain external bodies like the Chevening scholarship, British Council Scholarship, ETS scholarship, Tata Endowment Trust scholarship, etc. for which the student must apply if they fit the eligibility. Imperial guides students for such applications and any documents that are needed. Universities also provide a list of scholarships in their website which can be used to check for more opportunities.

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Some useful tips to increase your chances of getting a scholarship

Extra-curricular activities

Apart from good grades, if you engage in some sports/social cause or voluntary work, it reflects a good overall performance and awareness for social activities in your resume to impress the university or the scholarship body.


You may not need a 80% or 90% plus, however, good grades definitely help you. If a university has to decide between you and another similar candidate, your grades will give you the edge over that student.


Be frank to your counsellor and let us guide you through the entire procedure of scholarship. Please rest assure that your counsellor at Imperial will do his best to guide you correctly to get the best possible education.


It is very important that you plan well in advance about what you would like to study and accordingly look through the various options of scholarships available to you and apply before the dead lines.