It is the dream of every student to enrol with one of the top universities of the world viz. the Ivy League schools. These universities fall in the north-eastern block of the United States.
The Ivy League consists of 8 members/universities as follows:

  1. Harvard University(est. 1636): Cambridge, Massachusetts
  2. Columbia University(est. 1754): New York, New York
  3. Yale University(est. 1701): New Haven, Connecticut
  4. University of Pennsylvania(est. 1740): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  5. Princeton University(est. 1746): Princeton, New Jersey
  6. Dartmouth College(est. 1769): Hanover, New Hampshire
  7. Cornell University(est. 1865): Ithaca, New York
  8. Brown University(est. 1764): Providence, Rhode Island

Graduating seniors at University of Pennsylvania followed the tradition of planting an Ivy plant in spring from 1873. They called this day the “Ivy Day” and this custom was already being followed in Brown University, Harvard University, Yale University etc. Princeton University’s “Ivy Club” was founded in 1879. The first usage of Ivy in reference to a group of colleges is from sportswriter Stanley Woodward (1895–1965). In 1930’s another sportswriter Caswell Adams used the term “Ivy League” for Princeton and Columbia for the first time.

The first known instance of the term Ivy League being used appeared in The Christian Science Monitor on February 7, 1935. Several sportswriters and other journalists used the term shortly later to refer to the older colleges, those along the northeastern seaboard of the United States, chiefly the nine institutions with origins dating from the colonial era, together with the United States Military Academy (West Point), the United States Naval Academy, and a few others. These schools were known for their long-standing traditions in intercollegiate athletics, often being the first schools to participate in such activities. However, at this time, none of these institutions made efforts to form an athletic league. The Ivy League universities are also called the “Ancient Eight” or simply the Ivies.Another terminology for “Ivy” comes from the Roman numeral eight (IV). Hence the supposed “IV League” was formed over a century ago.

The first formal athletic league involving eventual Ivy League schools (or any US colleges, for that matter) was created in 1870 with the formation of the Rowing Association of American Colleges.

The Ivy Leagues are best known for their education, unbiased admissions procedures and the involvement and dominance in inter-collegiate sports. Listing the approximate tuition costs per year for International Students wishing to pursue a Master’s degree at an Ivy League School:

University Tuition per year (roughly), USD
Brown University 42,000
Columbia University 44,000
Cornell University 41,325
Dartmouth College 40,000
Harvard University 37,000
Princeton University 38,000
University of Pennsylvania 28,000
Yale University 34,000

These schools are for a matter of fact very expensive to study in. The end results are equally massive packages in top firms in the US.

They also provide financial assistantships and aid depending on the applicant’s credentials. Hence a brilliant student shy of finances shouldn’t hold back from applying to the Ivy League schools.

Karishma Tijoriwala
Counselor at ISSC

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