We often come across advertisements on a search engine like Google or Amazon which definitely keeps us wondering about its source. The strategy behind this technology is not only smart search through Artificial Intelligence but also implementation of Marketing Analytics. Traditional marketing will never lose its importance but upgrading your skills by pursuing Masters in Marketing Analytics can surely give you a cutting edge in this modern globalization.

Marketing Analytics: The need of the hour

Keeping in mind the overall marketing picture, Marketers cannot rely on a single channel to make critical decisions in developing any business model. Marketing analytics is an ideal method to consider the product sustainability across all the available channels to arrive at an efficient solution. This field utilizes various metrics to measure the performance of the business model combined with identifying areas of improvement to present an ideal product.

What is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing analytics is an evolving area which can proficiently help to understand the current market trend, the value of the product in the long run by predictive analysis, the demand of the product and its value against the competitors. To become a leader in Marketing Analytics, it is essential to gain comprehensive programming skills in languages like R, Python, SAS and Tableau by correspondingly gaining proficiency in deploying these analytical tools.

Marketing Analytics can assist the organization in visualizing the bigger picture based on the marketing trends, determine the strategy behind the successful products, monitoring the consumer behavior over a period of time, provide insights on the Return On Investment (ROI) and traditionally forecasting the results.

Who is eligible for this Program?

Any student from a commerce background or engineering background embracing interest towards Marketing yet finds a connection towards programming should surely consider applying for this program. Clarifying regarding the stay-back period, this program holds a STEM-designation for most of the universities in USA hence providing a stay back of 3 years. Merit Scholarships are also available to worthy students.

MS in Marketing Analytics emphasizes on the business strategies by providing the student an edge towards Analytics for decision making and most importantly, the predictive analysis through Data mining. It also allows the student to acquire deeper understanding of the consumer’s behavior as well as highlighting the role of economics in the global market. The program not only provides students with evidence-based learning exposure but also prepares them for real-world challenges in the dynamic job market. By pursuing this course, the student develops an expertise in qualitative and quantitative analysis for companies across the globe, imbibing the skillset for product design in international marketing, database analytics and make informed decisions in marketing a product.

Career Outcome:

This degree can equip the students to be offered to work at various designations like Marketing Optimization Analyst, Digital Marketing Analyst, Enterprise Analyst, Marketing Specialist or Business Analyst at top-notch companies like Amazon, Google, Partners Healthcare, Staples, TripAdvisor and others.

Sanjana Sanzgiri


Imperial Overseas Education Consultants

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