There is a considerable amount of anxiety and consternation spreading amongst those aspiring to study abroad, we understand rumours and half-truths can spread far more widely and swiftly than the current pandemic we are enduring through! Are the recent global impacts of the on-going pandemic putting to doubt your plans for 2020/2021?

We would like to address all your concerns and apprehensions surrounding the global effects of COIVD-19 along with the latest measures being announced by Universities, Governments and Financial Institutions through these FAQ’s.

  1. Are the universities processing the applications?

Most countries that you may have applied to are still following a normal schedule and are sending out decisions (although you may experience delays).

  • How much delay is expected?

Delays maybe 3-4 weeks.

  • Are the universities accepting financial documents?

Yes, they are accepting financial documents for processing I-20s.

  • How are the I-20s sent?

The universities are sending out soft copy of I-20s for the time being. You will receive an email of the same.

  • Are soft copies of I-20s accepted at the visa embassy?

Yes, they have made an exception this year and decided to accept print-outs taken by the students.

  • Are the embassies open?

Embassies of all the countries abroad are closed right now.

  • When will embassies open up?

According to the present scenario the embassies might open up in June.

  • Can students with admits fly to USA for Fall 2020 as per schedule?

Yes for sure, but some universities are flexible to start the Fall session by September or October 2020 to accommodate the students.

  • What other options are available for students with admits if you don’t want to fly for Fall 2020?

You can enrol for online classes for the first semester and then fly to that specific country for Spring (January) 2021 to start classes at the respective universities.

  1. Should we go ahead and pay the confirmation deposit?

Yes, go ahead and pay the deposit if that’s the final university of your choice by the specific deadline. In case you change your mind later, the Universities will be considerate enough to defer your admission to the next possible intake (Jan/Aug/Sept/Oct 2021)

  1. I haven’t submitted my financial documents for procuring the I-20 as the banks are closed?

You can email the university mentioning the same and request them for an extension of the deadlines, which they are considering.

  1. Is it a good option to go abroad for higher education for Fall 2021 or later?

The COVID-19 scenario will settle in couple of months and things will return to normalcy. There have been such pandemics in the past as well and things have fallen in place. The governments are taking proper measure to revive the economy.

  1. I am worried about the immigration laws for foreign nationals recently laid down by USA?

Absolutely nothing to worry about. This law is no way going to affect F-1 visas.

Hope we were able to dispel your misunderstandings and help you centre your mind with facts on the ground. To know more about the impact on various countries and study abroad plans, get in touch with us today!

Dr. Srivathsa Vaidya

Counseling Head, Pune

Imperial Overseas Education Consultants

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