As the country faces a lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can utilize this opportunity to upscale your skills for accelerating your career growth. Although we are amidst this unprecedented event which has perturbed our state of normalcy, here are a comprehensive list of things that you may do to build your profile.

1. Does listening to the word Artificial Intelligence (AI) seize your mind?

Experts from IIT Delhi are offering a six-week course in AI which emphasizes on areas right from AI’s history to its wide-spread arms in today’s technological world. It comprises of different modules covering algorithms, logic, deep learning and many more. Although these terminologies may look alien to you, the experts have taken every effort to make it lucid for any layman.

2. Do you dream to learn from a faculty teaching at Harvard University?

It’s time for you to make your dream come true through the digital platform while maintaining social distancing. Harvard University is offering a range of online courses for varied streams like Computer Science, Business, Health and Medicine, Programming, Science with printable certificates for free.

3. Learn a Language

Aspiring to pursue Higher Education in European Countries? To survive in a country where their official language isn’t English, it surely demands an individual to learn a language for communication and networking. Learning a language is undoubtedly an overwhelming experienceand the lockdown period can provide you a chance to grasp the basics of new language such as words, grammar and syntax through a Duolingo App.

4. Looking for a switch in career?

You may be confused if you are the right fit for the program, if your abilities are competent enough to grasp the curriculum and pursue a career in a different domain. This is the perfect time to transform your thought into a concrete decision by taking up related online courses on different websites. There are an array of online courses available on Coursera, EDX, Udemy that can help you not only to build your profile but also to identify your area of interest.

5. Opting to pursue a Research-based program?

The Master’s program being divided into thesis-based or non-thesis track, the lockdown period gives you an opportunity to seek extensive knowledge in research towards a topic that you may work on as a part of your Thesis during your MS. The University provides a large data about their ongoing projects and the Faculty’s research interest which can give you an insight about your future research guide by reading articles, publications and journals focusing on your area of interest. 

6. Learn a Programming Language

By understanding the curriculum of your desired program, learning a Programming language that best suits would add up to your existing skillset. You can utilize this lockdown period to gain in-depth knowledge of coding on different software like Python, R, SAS that would help you in your Master’s program. These type of online courses are offered on websites like Udemy, Coursera, NPTEL and EDX.  

I am confident putting these ideas to use will help you to make the best out of your lock down time and also pave path for a brighter future.

Sanjana Sanzgiri


Imperial Overseas Education Consultants

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