Environmental engineering is a domain that deals with the design of technologies involved in improving the environmental settings by formulating remedies to control pollution and for waste management.

Job as an Environmental Engineer:

Environmental engineers design, strategize and employ scientific measures to avoid, control or remediate hazards associated to the environment. Their duties typically involve the following:

1. Inspection of industrial and residential sites to analyze their environmental impact

2. Calibration to probe into air, water or soil samples

3. Formulating means to reduce automobile emission

4. Designing systems for waste treatment, recycle or pollution control

5. Creation of processes in order to restore air, soil and water quality that have been contaminated previously

6. Navigation of regulation to the field projects for compliance to the environmental policies

7. Raising of funding sources to support the projects along with the creation of awareness in the society

8. Analysis of the transportation of contaminants for appropriate disposal

The program in Environmental Engineering provides expertise to conserve the ecosystem through courses like:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Water Resources Management
  • Legal Aspects in Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Processes
  • Waste Management
  • Geographical Information Systems

This tailor made program is best suited for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the Environmental Sector. This is a growing field which demands highly skilled professionals to solve the issues such as pollution, waste disposable and protection of wildlife and natural resources.

Ms. Sanjana Sanzgiri


Imperial Overseas Educational Consultants

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