What is Supply Chain Management?

The availability of necessities in our near surroundings has become possible due to well-maintained logistics and supply chain by respective companies. Fruits, vegetables and even food products which were only available abroad have arrived in your local market because of the efficient supply chain systems. It is required by every industry and something that cannot be avoided. In simple words, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the optimization of available transportation systems for the delivery of required products at the right place at the least price. Other than movement to the point of consumption, it also includes storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory and finished goods at warehouses.

Which industries require SCM?

As mentioned earlier, this domain is required by every industry to get their products delivered to respective customers at the least possible cost. It is very important for companies having batch or mass production and even continuous production. This is also required in many industries like posts and couriers, imports and exports, etc. Since the requirement is not fixed to a single branch, almost every undergraduate can work in this industry. It also opens up the field of packaging as it deals with both storage and movement of goods.

Courses and Universities:

Technology is another aspect used widely in this field for having better communication related to scheduling and micro-planning. Inventory management becomes smooth for warehouses, B2B consumers as well as production centres to effectively reduce the cost of transportation and delays in production. The introduction of technology opens up opportunities for data-related fields.

As this course caters to businesses, most universities offer this course under business schools. Since this field is relevant to all industries, its study is not limited to any specific country. All the developed countries have courses related to this topic in their top universities. Since SCM in itself is a specialization, it is usually offered with other specializations like logistics, operations, procurement, etc. This is to combine more courses to offer better prospects for a career in the future to students and professionals. Some of the top universities for such courses include Purdue University, Arizona State University, Kühne Logistics University, University of British Columbia, Université Laval, University of Wollongong, Rotterdam School of Management, etc. which are located in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, etc.

There are universities located in other parts of the world as well which offer quality programs. As the above countries provide students with an opportunity to gain experience after masters, it makes them a popular destination for study. To get more details regarding every country, their application process, expenses and post study options, you may opt for a one-to-one counselling session with one of our counselors. Please book an appointment or connect with us at http://imperial-overseas.com/contact.php

Mr. Rahul Bhat

Sr. Counselor

Imperial Overseas Educational Consultants

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