The decision of whether or not to study abroad is a tricky one. There are hundreds of factors which one has to consider- which country, which course, finances involved, scholarships, education loan etc. While these are quite logical and obvious doubts, we sometimes also confuse it with myths that a student unnecessarily worries about.

If you are one of them, you need to stop worrying, here is an answer to some of the most common myths that one has for overseas education:

#1 A great escape from Home

While this is surely true that you would finally get to live life on your own terms and would get much desired freedom from parents and their scolding, however freedom comes at a cost! Along with independence, one will also have to manage with his/her daily chores, studies, part time jobs single handedly. You will also have manage and adjust with new environment, new friends, new roommates.

#2 Only the ultra rich can study abroad

No one could deny the fact that studying abroad costs far more than studying in India. But this does not necessarily mean that you need to have all the money in the world to follow your dream of overseas education. All that one has to do in order to make his/her of studying abroad come true is PLAN. Yes, planning is a major hero of the entire process and can surely help your way towards your goal. There are tons of options available to fund your studies like personal savings, education loans etc.

#3 Studying abroad is possible only for meritorious students

Now one realizes the importance of studying hard. One cannot go back and undo the grades that one has. What if you d not fall into those top 3 students? There is absolutely no need to worry. It entirely depends on the country that you aspire to go to. There are some countries which would consider a student’s overall profile while others would focus on academics. A student with an average profile, with an average GPA can surely study abroad.

#4 Relatives and friends living abroad are most informative and experts

As soon as we think of going abroad for studying, the first thing we do is – think of all the people that live in that particular country. While it is not wrong to consult them but is also true that they might not be the most appropriate one’s to consult. A student should also consider the criteria and different aspects of studying abroad before passing any judgment.

#5 Studying overseas is not very safe

The answer to this is “every country you go to has a predefined set of rules and regulations’. If I were to visit your house and be a law breaker, you would not be surely happy with that; same applies to countries as well. Nevertheless, student should not worry and fear about being safe. Most universities abroad are extremely caring and protective about their international students and would conduct sessions for new joinees to get well acquainted with the new place.

#6 A high risky investment with a fear of its return

Regardless of what course or which country you select, you would me investing a major junk of your earnings for you education. Do you think all of that goes on a toss? What if you get nothing out of it? Here comes a massive need to change our perspective and understand that this is just an “Investment” and you would be surely getting all the possible returns with a correct investment. An average Master’s program in USA would cost you around $45,000-$55,000 whereas after successful completion of your course an average salary that you could get would be around $70,000-$80,000.

#7 Future employers would not consider an International degree

A degree overseas will not just help you get an international certificate but will make you a subject expert. This would act as a platform which would give you a global exposure and practical knowledge. Employers would be delightful to hire a candidate with such a background. Studying overseas is one of the best possible ways to make you market ready and a competent candidate. If you are a strong and a capable candidate, employer would surely hire you.

A difficult path towards our goal, maybe a huge investment and a really exciting journey of studying abroad comes with its own perks. Studying overseas would not only give you an edge over others but would definitely be amongst your top rated list of life experiences.

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