What is Sports Management?

Sports management is an interdisciplinary field comprising of economics, business, accounting marketing and management in the world of athletics. The graduate program in Sports Management provides with an in-depth knowledge of finance, law, marketing and communication pertaining to
the domain of sports.

Sports Management as a Profession

Sports industry has witnessed evolution which demands for sports management professionals. The professional may work as a team manager, sports marketer, sports facility manager, athletic director or even as a public relations specialist. Team manager is responsible for negotiating trades, making financial arrangements and act as the mediators between players and the management personnel. Sports marketer handles the promotion of the athletes, sponsors or brands, determines the needs of the clients and conducts market research. Sports facilities manager is involved in allotting staff needs, handling the contracts with vendors and suppliers of sporting goods as well as ensure the efficient provision of sports facility. Athletic director works as an administrator who organizes athletic programs at colleges or universities by managing the budget, employing coaches, creating the schedule of the event along with its promotion. Public relations specialist deals with the planning of advertising strategies, organizing promotional events and coordinating with the sponsors.

Companies hiring Sports Management Professionals

Apart from working for professional sports teams, one may also be hired by various sports organizations like:

  • US Sports Institute
  • Youth Sports Organizations
  • Adidas
  • Nike, Inc.
  • World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Inc.
  • ESPN
  • NBC Universal
  • National Sports Marketing Network
  • World Association for Sports Management

The program in sports management focuses on various aspects like

  • Sports Marketing and Communications
  • Sports Finance and Economics
  • Leadership in Sports
  • Sports Tourism and Event Management
  • Sports Analytics
  • Sports Biomechanics

Sports Marketing and Communications

The sports marketing focus will provide you with the knowledge of effective communication and marketing strategies, advertising on some digital and global platforms along with pricing, licensing and distribution of sports products. It also emphasizes the different communication techniques
involved in delivering sports products and manifesting the sponsors’ brand name.

Sports Finance and Economics

In sports environment, the focus of finance and economics imparts the analytic tools for financial
management, capital budget planning and investment decisions. Sports economics provides insight
of the market trends, client’s demands and supply of goods and apparels in sports business.

Sports Tourism and Event Management

Sports tourism comprehends the methods of organizing sports events by considering the psychology of sports-loving faction and arranging campaigns to attract the targeted audience. It offers a rich experiential knowledge of conducting events right from the planning, funding, logistics,
site selection to delivering a successful event.

Sports Analytics

Sports analytics endows you to interpret, analyze and demonstrate critical decision making skills to tackle sports business issues. This would also provide comprehensive knowledge of analysis along with judgment to crack a business deal.

Sports Biomechanics

Sports biomechanics is the study pertaining to mechanical aspect of human physiology of professional athletes to minimize the risk of injury and improve their sports performance. It focuses on the biomechanical assessment like 2D or 3D kinematics, electromyography, and motor control that affect an athlete’s movements.

The sports industry is growing rapidly and would soon demand for plenty of professionals giving opportunity to choose from numerous avenues. A Master’s program in Sports Management is, thus, the right fit for one who loves sports and wishes to work behind the scenes in this industry. This
degree would prepare you to face the critical situations and challenges that may arise on-field or off-field in the sports environs. Please contact us to know more and get your profile evaluation for applying to this program: http://imperial-overseas.com/

Ms. Sanjana Sanzgiri


Imperial Overseas Educational Consultants.

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