Why Study New Zealand

New Zealand (NZ) is the same size as Great Britain or Japan, but has many more reasons to be chosen as a study destination. The natives of the country are called Kiwi’s and they are named after the bird Kiwi which only resides in NZ and can be found nowhere else. New Zealanders are
welcoming and loving towards foreigners as it is one of the most preferred tourist destination.

Weather wise, summers are usually with 20 to 25 degrees and winters are mild with temperature ranges between 5 to 10 degrees in North Island and in South Island can see snow in some areas. The major benefit of applying to NZ is that one can opt for higher education at any stage of their life.
Field change is also accepted with relevant reasoning as the faculty is quite approachable.

Education System

The education system in NZ is highly influenced by British education system, which is one of the major reason of the global recognition of degrees acquired. There are only 8 universities, and many institutes offering wide range of courses. At an undergraduate level student can opt for Bachelors or NZ diploma, and after graduation student can opt for Graduate Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, Masters or PhD, based on their academic profile. Dependents can accompany if the student is studying Master’s or higher level course and dependents can work full time during the entire tenure, which many competitive countries do not allow.

Popular Courses

There are few unique courses offered in NZ with affordable fees as compared to other major study destinations. Courses like Wine making, Horticulture, Civil Engineering or Construction Management, are offered at world class level in NZ. NZ is also very famous for Pilot training due to
its favorable weather conditions. Fields like Travel and Tourism, Hotel Management are also in demand in NZ.

Wine Making

NZ is ranked 18 th globally in producing wine, with stable production of 1% of the world. Though NZ is not one of the largest wine producing country, they still have many award winning wine. The industry have seen stable growth of about 25% in the last decade, hence students can look forward
to make their career in the field. Courses offered for wine making are more practical driven and students have many field visits where the grapes are grown and the process of wine making is conducted. The jobs what they get after the completing the course would be as Wine Analyst, Wine yard operator, Brand Manager, and many more.


NZ is the house of 5500 commercial fruits and vegetables growers, and they all together aim to put the best quality of food on the table of New Zealanders and also to 120 other countries across the globe. Universities in NZ are encouraging students in all the way to study and also research in the
industry as 60% of what is grown in NZ is exported, which makes great contribution in the country’s economy. Hence students have ample of job opportunities. Courses like Bachelor of Horticulture, Master of Agriculture, are industry driven where students have many field visits, soil checking, studying about what is the preferred whether for particular vegetable or fruit. After studying Horticulture student can work as Horticulturist, Sector Manager of Horticulture Plant, Landscape gardener and many more. All these jobs are highly paid jobs.

Civil Engineering or construction Management

Civil Engineering or construction management courses are in demand in NZ. Civil engineers are in demand as they are reconstructing the infrastructure with new power generating equipment’s in NZ. Civil Engineers are in New Zealand’s skill shortage list. After completing civil engineering course one could work as a Junior Engineer, Civil Engineer, Project manager at the construction site.

Pilot Training

NZ has the perfect weather, for pilot training with many sunny days. The training is cost effective as compared to many major countries. The courses in NZ gives hands on training that includes different types of Jets and after taking Pilot training students can join any airlines as a pilot or assistant pilots.

Travels & Tourism

Travels and Tourism is one of the largest industries in NZ, as it’s a tourist destination. Travel and tourism industry does not have any specific pre-requisite relevance to study. The industry is best for the individual who is passionate about travelling and adventurous. After studying Travels &
Tourism one can work as a Tour guide, Travels and & Tourism trainer, Tourism marketing coordinator, and much more.

Hospitality/Hotel Management

The hospitality of the people in NZ will amaze you throughout your stay there. Half of the New Zealand’s population is working in Hospitality sector and there are many job opportunities in hospitality industry for foreigners. Chefs are also one of the people who are on the skill shortage list. Most of the students studying Hotel Management/ Hospitality Management are employed easily.

Employment Benefits

Student can work 40 hours fortnightly during the course and full time during the vacation. PSW (Post Study Work Visa), varies from 1 year to 3 years based on the level of the course student opts to study.

NZ is one of the safest country and ranked in top 10 livable destination across the globe offering the stability to the individuals. As the country offers post study work visa which gives an opportunity to work and if one intends to settle in that country, NZ also offers Permanent Residency.

We can be more than happy to help you to select the right course with the best Universities in New Zealand and make you a part of the Kiwi world. You can start enquiring about your courses and discussing your profile with us by visiting our offices directly or booking an appointment with one
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Ms. Vaidehi Purohit


Imperial Overseas Educational Consultants

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