Having known for its snow-capped mountains, magnificent landscape, glacial peaks, ice hockey and green vegetation; Canada is a home to some of the most esteemed Universities across the globe. Being one of the most opted countries by the students, the educational quality in Canada is one of the major reasons for attracting international students to their shores.

The high academic standards and rigorous quality controls reflect the high-quality education provided by these Canadian Institutions that helps in successful future and benefits an individual’s career in the long term.

Some of the top rated reasons that makes Canada a great competitor in attracting majority of the crowd to its very land are as follows:

  1. High quality education
  2. Multi cultural diversity
  3. Good employment opportunities
  4. To be able to be a part of a beautiful destination
  5. Good chances of immigration
  6. Technologically advanced nation

High quality education

A country that grades you and validates you purely on the basis of your merit and caliber; this is one of the reasons why Canadian universities have been of the most quality driven educators across the globe. Being a geographically wide spread country, it also provides similar range of choices when it comes to taking up a course.

It additionally provides a student with a wide range of programs starting from Humanities to health to technology along with some of the most exclusive specialized programs that are available only in these Universities.

While keeping this in mind, the educational system in Canada is more or less similar to that of United States but at an affordable price as compared to the USA.

Multi cultural diversity

Owing to the acceptance rate of international applicants in Canada, it is a country with a huge variety of cultural diversities. The country ensures that the customs and traditions are preserved, and that value and dignity of all people are respected.

Moreover, nearly all of the globe’s ethnic groups are represented, and bring with them everything from new perspectives to food delights to exciting recreational activities.

Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto — the country’s largest cities — are celebrated and considered as safe, accessible and culturally rich world-class cities with beaches, museums, restaurants, shopping and more.

Good employment opportunities

Job opportunities and prospects are very strong for Canada’s international graduates. Considering Canada’s industry-specific applied research, it is not at all a surprise that more than 90% of Canadian international graduates are employed less than six months after graduation.

To be able to be a part of a beautiful destination

High academic standards and a reputation for friendliness is great, Canadians are protected by a diversity of freedoms, and international students are too. The result is an exceptionally stable and peaceful society with a low crime rate.

Every student studying abroad should remember that there is a lot of life outside campus, too. Whether you enjoy spending time or being active outdoors, or are simply interested in exploring nature and seeing an amazing assortment of wildlife, you don’t have to travel far in Canada to find it.

From the lush coastline of British Columbia, the majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the big skies of the prairies, the ‘maple sugar country’ in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, and the rugged hills and attractive coastline of the Atlantic Provinces — there’s usually an eyeful of natural beauty in Canada.

Good chances of immigration

Did you know that some international students with Canadian credentials and Canadian work experience may apply for permanent residency without having to leave Canada? Applicants need to have graduated with a degree and have one year of work experience. They can apply for a permanent visa that will take 15 to 18 months to process. So, if you are really equipped with the required skill set you can surely try going for it.

Technologically advanced nation

Besides the natural, educational and cultural heritage it is one of the top most technologically advanced nations in the world.

Since research is one of the key components of a Canadian educational setup, you’ll have ample opportunity to become a part of this vibrant aspect of education.

In Canada, government and industry together support research including in the fields of telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, computer technology, and environmental science.

With one of the longest coastlines, vast wilderness, world-class cities, and a culture of tolerance and diversity, Canada is a natural destination for thousands of international students. If you are considering Canada to be you dream destination, get some time to stop here and go through these aspects.

 Ms. Sai Dadarkar

Counselor & Trainer

Imperial Overseas Educational Consultants

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