With ever evolving nature of technology, computer science not only the most opted field of study but is also amongst one of the top players in today’s world. Computer Science is a branch of engineering that deals with design, management of information, implementation of software and hardware processes.

Computer Science is in itself a vast subject and offers specialization in multiple branches. Typically, computer engineering can be defined as an integration of various disciplines. Duties of a computer engineer range from development of software and hardware systems.

Considering the vastness of the field, we have come up with top 10 specializations that one can consider.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  • By definition, Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that focuses on the creation of intelligent machines that would work and act like humans.
  • Artificial Intelligence is an area of study that majorly deals with creating a computer system that would perform tasks that ask for human intelligence.
  • This mainly include visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making.
  1. Machine Learning
  • Machine learning is a branch of computer science which deals with automation and model building. It can be defined as a method of data analysis that helps in automated analytical model building.
  • The base concept of machine learning is that the system can learn from the given data, identify the pattern and make decisions with minimum human help.
  1. Data Science and analysis
  • Data Science can be defined as a field of computer science that blends the concepts of data interference, algorithms, development and technology with a common aim to solve analytically complex problems.
  • In contrast, Data analytics deals with qualitative as well as quantitative processes that are used to enhance productivity. Also, data analysis is commonly referred as data analytics.
  1. Robotics
  • Robotics is one of the most opted interdisciplinary courses under computer science. It is a field that deals with application of artificial intelligence and engineering concepts in order to create and program devices which can perform an array of tasks thereby replacing humans.
  • Robotics is a combination of research, design, manufacturing, operations, software development and application of robots in industrial as well as commercial processes.
  1. Software Engineering
  • Software engineering is a subject of specialization that deals with the process of analyzing the end user needs, designing and constructing a software based on the need. It also includes validation and testing end user application that would ultimately satisfy the needs specified by the user.
  1. Human-Computer Interaction
  • Human-Computer Interaction is a branch under computer science that focuses on the design of computer technology and understanding and studying the interaction between a human and a system.
  • With the advancement in the technology, Human Computer Interaction has managed to cover a wide range of forms of information technology design.
  1. Information Science & Management Information Systems
  • Management information system is a specialized field of computer science that deals with integration of computer applications and problem solving with an aim of improvising organizational efficiency.
  • It typically covers development of applications for databases and information systems, system architecture and design along with managing databases by application of algorithms and advanced techniques such as data mining to perform analytics over data sets.
  1. Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security is a branch of computer science that deals with protection of systems connected via internet to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other systems.
  • The main focus of cyber security or information assurance is to maintain the confidentiality, integrity of available data.
  1. Cloud Computing
  • Cloud computing is one of the upcoming branches of computer science which deals with use of various services including software development platforms, servers and storage which is offered as a “cloud”. Various services that cloud computing offers are sending/receiving emails, editing documents, watching videos, sharing date, delivery of software, etc.
  1. Theoretical Computer Science
  • Theoretical computer science is a field that refers to a branch of computer science that are less demonstrable and practical and more theoretical in nature.
  • Theoretical computer science includes topics related to mathematics and application of technologies like algorithms, cryptography and data structures.

From the silicon valleys to the ever-expanding Indian IT industries, the scope of Computer science has only given even more and more opportunities with diverse positions, unimagined a few decades ago. There is only more research and higher possibility of growth in the domain and therefore if you are looking to dip your toe in the future possibilities unimagined yet, join the computer science domain.

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