What is Construction Management?

Construction Management is an interdisciplinary field which focuses on the overall planning, coordination and execution of a construction project right from the estimation of the resources to sustainability management. It involves implementation of innovative technologies, construction principles and management techniques. It is designed for individuals with a background in architecture or civil engineering having a strong interest in building and design.

Construction Management as a Profession:

There is a growing demand for construction managers as on-site contractors for building constructions as well as skyscraper projects. These professionals work closely with architects and civil engineers to blueprint the cost estimation, elaborate the contract to other executives and formulate the schedule. To comply with the regulations, they coordinate with the lawyers and local government to maximize efficiency and productivity of the projects.  

The program in Construction Management focuses on various aspects like:

  • Procurement Management
  • Construction Project Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Logistics
  • Risk Assessment

Procurement Management

Procurement deals with the identification, purchase and allocation of goods along with the management of ordering and approval of goods to ensure efficient service. It provides the knowledge for sourcing, requisition, expedition of the process.

Cost Analysis

The analysis provides an insight in order to identify the costs associated with the operations and production by categorizing the costs into direct, indirect and tangible. It also helps one to create an outline of the parameters and calculate the budget by comparing the cost to propose the final quote.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment endows you to interpret and evaluate the hazards at the construction site by using different techniques. It is important to understand the people at risk and take the necessary action to ensure the safe working environment.

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