The Master of Health Administration or Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA or M.H.A.), is a specialized degree allowing students to complete a course of study to understand and acquire the skills needed for careers in health administration, involving the management of hospitals and other health services organizations, as well as public health infrastructure and consulting. It is a field which relates to Direction, Administration and Management of Hospitals, Hospital Networks and the Healthcare Systems.

These programs even those who have accreditation are mostly for two academic years which require students to complete certain practical and coursework in areas such as Population Health & Policy, Healthcare Economics, Marketing & Communications, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Operations Assessment & Improvement, Leadership & Governance, Statistical Analysis and Application, and Strategy Formulation and Implementation. Students with Medical background such as Dentists, Physiotherapy, and Nursing etc. can take up such programs to study, to provide them a greater understanding of management issues and prepare them for Senior Management Roles.

Who should pursue such programs?

  • Such programs are suitable for those who are willing to teach as a professor or professional in either a college or university level both in public and private institutions.
  • Candidates should also have good oral, written, negotiation and teamwork skills along with leadership and delegation skills gained through work experience.
  • Candidates who have strong critical and problem solving skills developed through evaluation and presentation of data.
  • Candidates who have a sharp and quick decision marking abilities based on updated management principals and techniques, analytical and logical reasoning skills, patience, excellent written and spoken communication skills are a must to maintain a functional relationship with the staff, doctors of the hospital as well as the government. 

How this program would be beneficial?

  • Students upon completion of this program they can work in smaller, medical health care companies where they need to handle day-to-day administrative work which involves accounting, maintenance, equipment supplies etc.
  • Students who wish to pursue a career in Research or a teaching profession where they will need to complete a PHD program.
  • Students also can look at opportunities in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Employment Areas:

  • Health Care Sectors
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Emergency Medicine Units
  • Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Research and Educational Institutes
  • Federal Govt Health Care Facilities
  • Ambulatory Health Care Service
  • Dental Office

Positions in companies:

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Administration Executive
  • Hospital Administration Manager
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Quality Management Executive
  • Clinical Administrative Coordinator
  • Hospital Marketing and Sales Executive
  • Hospital Human Resource Manager
  • Hospital Consultant
  • Medical Administration Manager
  • Project Manager – Entrusted with creating Hospitals or areas of Hospitals and get them operational. This involves designing to implementation of the hospitals.
  • Home Care Specialist (Product Specialist)
  • Health Insurance

Ms. Nisha Rao

Sr. Counselor

Imperial Overseas Educational Consultants

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