What is Psychology?

Psychology is a science which helps us to perceive, predict, and sketch human behavior. It is a study of the mind, its working and impact on human behavior. It is difficult to think of a facet of life where psychology has not had its impact. Since physical signs of mental health are most of the times difficult to observe, many theories of psychology are mostly based on observation of human behavior. Therefore, studying different aspects and patterns related to mental health is important for advising patients and there are different areas that a Psychologist may opt to specialize in. These areas are categorized and deal with different groups of people which they are targeted towards.

Specializations in Psychology

  1. Counselling and Guidance Psychology:

Counselling and Guidance Psychologist majorly work with school and career guidance centers. They are dedicated to guiding people with queries related to education, career and could sometimes be related to social adjustments as well. They also conduct psychological test along with administrations and interpretations of the same to judge the intelligence and capabilities of a particular individual or group of people.

  • Developmental Psychology:

This branch studies the concerns regarding the growth and development in all aspects and the way human behavior is affected because of it. It focuses majorly on the development of an individual in terms of stages. This study is also known as Genetic Psychology.

  • Educational Psychology:

Educational Psychology majorly focuses on methods of learning and helping the ones who face difficulties during learning. There are multiple tests derived to measure an individual’s capabilities of learning and determine the most preferred mode of learning. For instance, as a part of the curriculum, the major early childhood schools have started teaching students using audio and video method so that if a student is not able to adapt to the visual mode, they can adapt by audio mode.

  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology:

Industrial and Organizational Psychology is majorly used at the workplace with the methods of testing, training and supervising on a timely basis. There is a formal process followed by many organizations which start with testing and all individuals have to clear a basic aptitude test as a part of an interview. It is followed by training based on individual employee capabilities accordingly to the results. The last part of the process is timely supervision of the performance of an individual along with constant motivation so that an employee focuses constantly.

  • Clinical Psychology:

Clinical Psychology applies the basic principles of emotional and behavioral psychology along with treatment and diagnosis. People could be suffering from basic issues like stress, anxiety, hypertension and if ignored can lead to major psychological abnormalities and hamper day to day life. This is where Clinical Psychologists plays a strong role and helps an individual with the diagnosis.

These programs are available in almost all countries and universities, since they deal with people on a regular basis within schools, colleges, workplaces, etc. The top countries where research happens on the latest methods to be employed for such processes are the United States, Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. Psychologists play a vital role and work with some of the prominent companies and organizations. From Amazon, Google, NASA, government, national health care organizations as well as research groups to Disney and NASCAR, psychologists exists in every sector, playing an important part and improving quality of life.

Ms. Vaidehi Purohit


Imperial Overseas Educational Consultants

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