With so many discussions and posts about visa interviews, there is a heap full of
misconceptions. A visa to United States certainly takes a lot of effort, persistence and
preparations; while doing so it is equally important for you to look for small details.

Following are some of the major myths related to visa interview:

The date, day and time will change the probability of getting your visa approved
Getting your visa approved is not dependent on the day, date or time of the day.
It is entirely dependent on how you perform during the interview.

You must have traveled abroad to obtain a visa
Well, that is not the case.
The decision is not done on the basis of whether or not you have traveled abroad.
The visa officer would assess your overall profile before granting you a visa.

The number of visas granted is limited every year
There is absolutely no limit to the number of visas that are approved every year. The
applicants that make through the interview process are given the required visa.

You should be extremely proficient and fluent in English
Having a good command over the language is anytime a plus point but in case the applicant is not extremely proficient in English that is fine.
The officer would then make a decision on the qualification and the profile of the applicant.

What School You Get into Affects Whether You Get a Visa or Not
Which school you get into is not the deciding factor.
It completely depends on the credibility of a student

Your Relatives Can Sponsor You for a Work Visa
This is not at all the case.
Work visa will always be sponsored by the employer

Length of stay will decide your eligibility
Being eligible for the visa is not dependent on how long you intend to stay in the country.

Visa approval depends on the mood of the officer
All visa officers are highly professional and trained and their decision can never be biased.

You Must Dress up for Your Interview
Approval is based on the kind of answers you give and not in the way you dress

Thursday & Friday Are the Best Days for Your Interview
Visa is not a lucky draw. All days are equal.

You Must Show up Hours before your Visa Interview
It is advisable that you arrive one hour prior your interview time.

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